Jam Muffins

I have so much on my mind, so many balls in the air, that muffin recipes seem positively silly at the moment. But sometimes baking is just the thing you need to halt chaos momentarily. My chaos is all good, mind you. It is back to school time. I’m getting to …click to continue Jam Muffins

Tina’s Mexican Peanuts

Tina's Peanuts with Beer

I’ve cooked some sumptuous meals in the last 2 weeks, but they have been for other publications and/or they were the recipes of other people. Sadly, therefore, I have left you guys out in the cold. And, in my real life, I have been eating garbage and repeats. By garbage, I mean wonderful fast …click to continue Tina’s Mexican Peanuts

Chocolate Cream Popsicles

Chocolate Cream Popsicles GOOD 2

I bet you are hot and busy. I’m hot and busy. But, chocolate makes me happy. And, frozen treats make me happy. Therefore, chocolate popsicles make me happy, even when I’m hot and busy. They also, not surprisingly, make my kids very happy, too.

One of my earlier food memories is this…

When I …click to continue Chocolate Cream Popsicles

Sweet Mandarin Granita

Photograph of Mandarin Dessert in a Blue Dish

I love seedless mandarins. They are often sold by trade names like “cuties,” and they are cuties. They are easy to peel and they are incredibly sweet. My kids will eat them by the handful and they are a good sweet treat to keep me from, say, losing it and heading for the ice …click to continue Sweet Mandarin Granita

Lori’s “I Wish I Were On the Beach” Smoothie

Pineapple Smoothie Lead

Or, you could just call it a Pineapple, Coconut, Almond Smoothie…but that isn’t much more efficient word-wise, is it? So why not name it after a person I like?

Let’s just say that this tastes quite like a piña colada, but it is slightly more virtuous. The first time I wrote down the precise …click to continue Lori’s “I Wish I Were On the Beach” Smoothie

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