Western Burgers

Western Burgers

Western Burgers are a high school cafeteria legend in my hometown of Wichita Falls, Texas. They are a simple and beautiful bit of comfort, consisting of hamburger meat, onion, and seasonings fully wrapped up in a hot, buttery bun. God bless the lunch lady (or man…they always seemed to be ladies back then), I …click to continue Western Burgers

Egg Sandwiches

egg sandwich lead

KISS: Keep it simple stupid. Some days need to be simple. Sometimes I don’t even tell you about the easy go-to meals my family enjoys just because they seem too obvious. But, this is truly one of my favorites. And usually, I have all of the necessary items right in my refrigerator. In fact, …click to continue Egg Sandwiches

Turkey Reuben

Let’s talk about sandwiches again. I like talking about sandwiches. I certainly have my favorites, with the Croque-Madame I made awhile back being my runaway favorite. But, I’m very fond of the whole family of grilled cheese sandwiches and this is one I think deserves to be made over and over …click to continue Turkey Reuben


Oaxacadillas lead

Oaxaca (wa-ha-ka) is a state in Southwestern Mexico. Oaxaca cheese is cow’s milk cheese that is a little salty, a little stringy, mild, and it melts into a silky white lava that is a great foundation for a million dishes. To my knowledge there is not actually anything in the world known as an …click to continue Oaxacadillas

Tomato Confit BLT

photo of tomato confit sandwich

I’ve never made a traditional BLT. I’ve never had the urge because I don’t think I’ve ever purposefully ordered tomatoes on a sandwich or burger. I told my mother when I was about four that “pamatoes” were nasty and I meant it with all of my little heart. Now I rather like …click to continue Tomato Confit BLT

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