Salt & Pepper Beef Tenderloin

The Winter issue of Edible Dallas & Fort Worth recently became available. I have a few favorite things in this issue. Most notably, I wrote a feature article about Foodways Texas, and I got to take photographs of my friend …click to continue Salt & Pepper Beef Tenderloin

Traditional Pot Roast

Pot Roast on a Serving Plate

I could write an Ode to Pot Roast. I could tell you every good and bad one that I have made. I could tell you the restaurants and diners that have perfected the art.

Pot Roast is how you feed a crowd something comforting and succulent without spending a fortune. Cooked slowly, ignored really, …click to continue Traditional Pot Roast

Roasted Fall Tomatoes and Chicken

a photograph of a roast chicken

So, it should be some indication of how scatterbrained I am these days (read: genuinely busy being a mom and a regular person) that I somehow didn’t post about this recipe. And, holy cow, what could be nicer? I had a recipe in the Dallas Morning News on September 11th. Now, there were other …click to continue Roasted Fall Tomatoes and Chicken

Crunchy Basil Chicken

main image of crunchy basil chicken

This was my answer to my internal dialogue wherein I asked myself if I was really going to make plain chicken breasts again for dinner. I gazed out my kitchen window and I also chided myself for not having used any of my fresh basil plants which I have kept alive through sheer force …click to continue Crunchy Basil Chicken

Western Burgers

Western Burgers

Western Burgers are a high school cafeteria legend in my hometown of Wichita Falls, Texas. They are a simple and beautiful bit of comfort, consisting of hamburger meat, onion, and seasonings fully wrapped up in a hot, buttery bun. God bless the lunch lady (or man…they always seemed to be ladies back then), I …click to continue Western Burgers

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