Cowboy Beans

Big Spoon Full of Beans

There is a long tradition of cowboy beans in Texas. Pinto beans hold a special place in Texas history and culture. The word “pinto” translates in Spanish to painted and describes the lovely mottled skin of the bean. Look closely at them the next time you see them. They really are quite lovely.

Dried …click to continue Cowboy Beans

Roasted Vegetables and Quinoa

Plate of Roasted Vegetables on Quinoa

My version of healthy eating is a bit twisted. Moderation and I are not the best of friends. So, when I need a spell of healthy eating, there have to be a few treasures in the mix, like goat cheese and dried cherries. They make almost anything tasty. These roasted vegetables do not really …click to continue Roasted Vegetables and Quinoa

Zipper Cream Peas and Wilted Kale

Zipper Peas on a Spoon

These are Zipper Cream Peas, a variety of field pea or cowpeas, so called because they were traditionally fed only to the cows. But the cows were laughing all the way to the bank, I suspect. Because they are wonderful. Black-eyed peas have their place in the world, but there are many wonderful …click to continue Zipper Cream Peas and Wilted Kale

Traditional Pot Roast

Pot Roast on a Serving Plate

I could write an Ode to Pot Roast. I could tell you every good and bad one that I have made. I could tell you the restaurants and diners that have perfected the art.

Pot Roast is how you feed a crowd something comforting and succulent without spending a fortune. Cooked slowly, ignored really, …click to continue Traditional Pot Roast

Roasted Fall Tomatoes and Chicken

a photograph of a roast chicken

So, it should be some indication of how scatterbrained I am these days (read: genuinely busy being a mom and a regular person) that I somehow didn’t post about this recipe. And, holy cow, what could be nicer? I had a recipe in the Dallas Morning News on September 11th. Now, there were other …click to continue Roasted Fall Tomatoes and Chicken

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