Consider the Egg

Photo of Eggs

Consider the egg. Eggs are fairly amazing. We use them in such an off handed way, really. But what they do is incredible. They are a building block of baking, a sky high dessert topping, integral to spreads such as mayonnaise, a perfect protein, great on top of almost anything as a little fried …click to continue Consider the Egg

Apple and Sausage Cinnamon Toast

We’ve been a bit icy in Dallas. Usually this is not an event, and one stays off the roads merely to avoid the bad drivers, but not really the ice. But this ice was formidable enough to keep me happily in the house with the kiddos. Pitts isn’t put off by ice driving even …click to continue Apple and Sausage Cinnamon Toast

Oat and Grain Waffles

waffle mix

Last week my son had achievement tests at school…you know the all-day standardized fun-fest. A note is always sent with the kids to caution parents to send their children to bed on time and to feed them a nutritious breakfast.

As though we don’t usually…

So, I figured I probably shouldn’t send the fella …click to continue Oat and Grain Waffles

Belgian Buttermilk Waffles

waffles lead

This is a basic recipe that you need in your repertoire. Repeat after me, “I do not need a mix.” You can use a mix. I don’t mind. Been there, done that. But, there was a time when I would actually say things like, “Can’t make pancakes…out of mix.” I don’t do that …click to continue Belgian Buttermilk Waffles

Dutch Babies

Dutch Baby Lead

Whether you call this a Dutch Baby or a German Pancake makes no difference. In fact, I sincerely hope I’m not introducing this concept to you. I hope it has been on your Saturday morning breakfast rotation for ages.

It is a baked pancake, in essence. Some compare it to a flat popover. It …click to continue Dutch Babies

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