Chocolate Pecan Pie with Cane Syrup

Chocolate pecan pie cane syrup 2 vertical

What is the power of pie? Well, pie is just a pastry. Pie is just a dessert. Right?

You know those are trick questions coming from me, right? I have spent the last 3 years waxing sentimental about how pie is sacred amongst desserts, not because of any one ingredient or …click to continue Chocolate Pecan Pie with Cane Syrup

Fresh Nectarine Ramekin Pies

Nectarine Remekin Pies Pin

I’m getting a lot of good advice these days. I think I unconsciously asked the universe for a wee bit of perspective and the good ideas are flowing in. I checked in on the new Tim Byres website. He’s the chef behind Dallas’ SMOKE restaurant. I was just poking …click to continue Fresh Nectarine Ramekin Pies

Bob’s Mom’s Rhubarb Pie

Rhubarb the Third

When I am long gone, and my 8-year-old son is 88, and has children and grandchildren and great grandchildren to tell, I hope he will say something like, “My mother made the best rhubarb pie in the world, and I can still taste it and see it and smell it.” When he says this, …click to continue Bob’s Mom’s Rhubarb Pie

A dinner for your family, and a trip down memory lane

I have been realizing for a long time that I need to go back and clean up my old recipes. For those who have been reading PIE from the beginning, God Bless You…I mean it. My writing was not good three years ago. It was borderline embarrassing, actually. Slowly, a few a day, I’m …click to continue A dinner for your family, and a trip down memory lane

Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut Cream Pie Slice

I’ve had Coconut Cream Pie on my mind and I finally got around to putting one together that I love. It is different than the typical Coconut Cream Pie for several reasons. First, instead of relying on coconut extract for the punch of coconut flavor, I have tried to layer on real coconut wherever …click to continue Coconut Cream Pie

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