Chocolate Pound Cake

You will be needing some Christmas cake, I suppose. Someone should bring cake. This is one of my favorite family recipes. My mother made it for our big family gatherings at my grandparents’ house for years and years. It is a memory cake for me.

This year I was in charge of …click to continue Chocolate Pound Cake

Ford’s Chocolate Birthday Cake

What a crazy start to Spring! I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Fortunately, it has all been for good. I’ve been doing a lot of writing, a lot of learning about technology, a lot of learning about ETSY, and a lot of preparing for next week’s …click to continue Ford’s Chocolate Birthday Cake

Molten Chocolate Cakes

Molten Chocolate Cake Lead

I have made about eight versions of Molten Chocolate Cake (poor pitiful me), varying the ingredients by as little as a tablespoon of flour. I have also made them with no flour at all.

The attempts resulted in relatives of brownies, soufflés, and very egg-y cake-lets. My final version is a very deeply chocolaty, …click to continue Molten Chocolate Cakes

Katie Cake a.k.a. Dump Cake

Katie's Cake


What is a throwdown, you ask? It is a recipe that goes together in a snap, often using major shortcuts, and still allows you to serve a fresh baked (cooked) meal to your people. I have tried to avoid this for the most part because I think “from scratch” cooking is easier than …click to continue Katie Cake a.k.a. Dump Cake

Tangerine Sheet Cake

Tangerine Cake 0305 uploader

You well know by now my love of the humble sheet cake. This offering is delicious and has received raves from grown ups and children. I flavor it with tangerine juice and tangerine zest. The best move was borrowed from Cook’s Illustrated’s Cook’s Country Magazine which printed a recipe for a lemon cake several …click to continue Tangerine Sheet Cake

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