Lime Cream Cups

Photos of Lime Cream Dessert

It has taken only three or four trips to Mexico to find out that cooks in Mexico, or at least the ones with whom I have had the pleasure of cooking, do amazing things with a blender.

My first encounter with this phenomenon was a great cook named Aurelia in Cuernavaca. She …click to continue Lime Cream Cups

Pralines with Sea Salt and Toasted Coconut

Pralines are an iconic treat, and depending on from where you hail, there are certainly people very passionate about the pronunciation and the exact attributes of the sugary lump. But, all of the ballyhoo aside, they are simply a wonderful thing to make and an even better thing to eat.

I usually try not …click to continue Pralines with Sea Salt and Toasted Coconut

Chocolate Pound Cake

You will be needing some Christmas cake, I suppose. Someone should bring cake. This is one of my favorite family recipes. My mother made it for our big family gatherings at my grandparents’ house for years and years. It is a memory cake for me.

This year I was in charge of …click to continue Chocolate Pound Cake

Chocolate Pecan Pie with Cane Syrup

Chocolate pecan pie cane syrup 2 vertical

What is the power of pie? Well, pie is just a pastry. Pie is just a dessert. Right?

You know those are trick questions coming from me, right? I have spent the last 3 years waxing sentimental about how pie is sacred amongst desserts, not because of any one ingredient or …click to continue Chocolate Pecan Pie with Cane Syrup

Fresh Nectarine Ramekin Pies

Nectarine Remekin Pies Pin

I’m getting a lot of good advice these days. I think I unconsciously asked the universe for a wee bit of perspective and the good ideas are flowing in. I checked in on the new Tim Byres website. He’s the chef behind Dallas’ SMOKE restaurant. I was just poking …click to continue Fresh Nectarine Ramekin Pies

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