Green Smoothie, Take 2

Glass of Green Smoothie

I’m not prone to massive shifts in habits. Do not worry that I’ve gone vegan on you. As long as there are smoked briskets or cheddar fries with bacon in the world, that is somewhat unlikely. But one does occasionally start experiencing the dreaded too-snug-jeans, and in order avoid the inconvenience of having to …click to continue Green Smoothie, Take 2


Horchata Recipe

Horchata is a Mexican specialty drink. It is often referred to as an “agua fresca” or a “fresh water.” These are drinks like tamarindos and the cucumber lime agua fresca which I posted last fall. They are essentially water flavored with fruit or other fresh flavors. I’m flat …click to continue Horchata

Smoothie Ideas, BBQ Books, and a Silly Golf Cake

Smoothies are pretty much the most exotic thing I’ve been making this week. And, the ones that I have been making have been rather frantic affairs. For instance, a recipe for my breakfast smoothing this week might read: 1) Oh God, we need to leave the house in three minutes and everyone is still …click to continue Smoothie Ideas, BBQ Books, and a Silly Golf Cake

Spring Berry Fizzy

Berry Drink Tall

It is particularly galling that some of the best of Spring days are spent looking out the window. My kids get home from school at four and even with no sports, there is still work to be done, which is more difficult with every beautiful day. They are being pulled outside. So even when …click to continue Spring Berry Fizzy

Lori’s “I Wish I Were On the Beach” Smoothie

Pineapple Smoothie Lead

Or, you could just call it a Pineapple, Coconut, Almond Smoothie…but that isn’t much more efficient word-wise, is it? So why not name it after a person I like?

Let’s just say that this tastes quite like a piña colada, but it is slightly more virtuous. The first time I wrote down the precise …click to continue Lori’s “I Wish I Were On the Beach” Smoothie

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