Tina’s Mexican Peanuts

Tina's Peanuts with Beer

I’ve cooked some sumptuous meals in the last 2 weeks, but they have been for other publications and/or they were the recipes of other people. Sadly, therefore, I have left you guys out in the cold. And, in my real life, I have been eating garbage and repeats. By garbage, I mean wonderful fast …click to continue Tina’s Mexican Peanuts

Three Cheese Chicken Stuffed Jalapeños

Jalapeno Tall

With a straight face, I will call this a heavy appetizer. I laugh because that means that I consider the version which is merely stuffed with cheese to be “light.” Wouldn’t you agree? A few of these and a beer will put off the hungriest guest for a little longer while you wait for …click to continue Three Cheese Chicken Stuffed Jalapeños

Texas Cheese Board

Texas Cheese Board 2

This is a nudge in the general direction of cheese. Most folks don’t need much of a nudge. But still, do you know who produces cheese in your neck of the woods. I promise that with a little investigation…very tasty investigation…you might find that there are small-batch, high quality, interesting cheeses being made …click to continue Texas Cheese Board

American Caviar

bowfin 2

Caviar is the ultimate badge of conspicuous consumption. And, for most of us, the lovely presentation of this food is so far removed from the fish from which it comes that I was utterly captivated when I began to look into its history and the current state of the caviar economy.

In my …click to continue American Caviar

Elegant Appetizers

Today, I’m speaking at a fundraiser for the Wichita Falls Symphony League. The talk about “Elegant Appetizers” will run the gamut from Texas Cheeses to American Sourced caviar. It is going to be a lovely evening! This is an e-magazine I created especially for this event with the help of my genius graphic designer Jane …click to continue Elegant Appetizers

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