DFW Farmers Markets

Downtown Arlington Farmers Market
215 East Front Street
Arlington, Texas 76011

I have been hearing about the Downtown Arlington Farmers Market for a while and since the market season in North Texas is in full and glorious swing, I thought it was time to take a look myself. The impetus for my little road trip was that I saw a post on facebook that announced that they were open on Fridays. Joy! I wanted to get out and take some photos and go to lunch so I gave myself a small road trip as a gift. I forgot that Arlington is something of a haul. However, I was pleased when I arrived and found a dedicated building and a vendor tent set up out front. Like one of my other Dallas favorites, Celebration Market, this strikes me as a great neighborhood market. It is a perfect little resource for Arlington. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE…

Celebration Farmers Market
4503 West Lovers Lane
Dallas, TX 75209
(In the parking lot of the Celebration Restaurant)
Restaurant: 214-351-5681
Catering: 214-351-2456

Call before going. Due to permitting, there may not be a market this season. But many of our favorite items are still in the “market” where the take out and catering is handled. Be sure to stop into the market when you are nearby.

I have lived in the vicinity of Celebration Restaurant in Dallas for years. I remember studying for the bar exam 13 years ago and running over there to get pot roast to go. We were living in a back-house apartment with our things crammed high up every wall, living out of boxes in about 500 square feet. The kitchen was tiny and not too clean and running over to Celebration was the equivalent of going to visit grandma. It was a little taste of calm and comfort.

Fast forward 13 years and now they have a great “to go” and catering business…which I have used for everything from birthday parties to funerals. It is just good home-style food. And now, they have a farmers market in the parking lot every Saturday morning from 8 until 12. It is shameful that it took me so long to get up there to check it out. After all, it is within walking distance from my house. It is part craft fair, part bakery shop, part vegetable garden. There is an organic meat vendor, and an organic egg vendor. There are baskets and baskets of beautiful melons, and tomatoes and eggplants. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING THIS POST ABOUT THE CELEBRATION FARMERS MARKET.

Coppell Farmers Market
Located in Old Town Coppell at the corners of Bethel and South Coppell Roads
Opening every Saturday, 8 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.
Begins on April 9, 2011.

Coppell had its very own feel. As I exited off of Highway 635 and drove through the millions of square feet of industrial and warehouse spaces I had no idea what to expect. But at the Corner of Freeport and Bethel, I took a right at the Hard8 BBQ, and suddenly I wasn’t in an urban setting. I was in a small town. A moment more down the road and I was greeted by the view of people and dogs and bikes all crossing at the light next to the barbershop, heading over into a small field festooned with pop up canopies and box filled trailers. The kids and I parked in the adjacent field, grabbed a shopping bag out of the back and headed into the fun. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING ABOUT THE COPPELL FARMERS MARKET.

Cowtown Farmers Market
3821 Southwest Blvd.,
Fort Worth, TX 76116
At the junction of highways 183, 377 & 80 West. In the parking lot in front of Texas Outdoors and Edelweiss German Restaurant.

What makes the Cowtown market unique and very high on my list of local markets? They are a dyed in the wool, authentic, local market. All of the produce must be grown within 150 miles of the market. There is no re-selling. You will not find pineapples at the Cowtown Farmers Market. And if strawberries are not in season, you will not find them, either. This market dances with the seasons. There are a few folks selling non-produce goods, but they too must adhere to the 150 mile rule. They must be the maker, and they must make the product within 150 miles. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING ABOUT THE COWTOWN FARMERS MARKET.

Dallas Farmers Market
1010 S. Pearl Expressway
Dallas, TX 75201
(At the corner of Harwood and Marilla Streets, in the southeast corner of Downtown Dallas.)
Information: 214-939-2808
Open seven-days-a-week from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, 362 days a year.
The Market is closed on New Years Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day

When things are hopping at the Dallas Farmer’s Market shed #1, also known as the “local shed,” is stunning. The Dallas Farmer’s Market has instituted a program whereby a farmer must certify that a certain amount of their produce is, in fact, locally grown to even be in that shed. Here you will find the colors of the Texas summer. There are onions, and beans and whopping tomatoes, and squashes and zucchinis. And on this visit there was one lovely gentleman there who had boxes of the biggest, most lovely Portobello mushrooms that I have ever seen. Mike Lucik of Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farms was selling fabulous Gonzales, Texas mushrooms that just blew me away. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING THIS POST ON THE DALLAS FARMERS MARKET.

Frisco Farmers Market
6048 Frisco Square Blvd,
Frisco, Texas 75034
Saturdays this year from May 7th to October 22nd. Open from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. or sell out.

Jump on the tollway and head north to Frisco. Exit Main Street and you will see the tents over to your right by a huge municipal building. There were 3 produce vendors with a massive array of fruits and vegetables. Lovely peaches and green tomatoes as big as my head (close anyway) were stand-outs. This market is sponsored by the Lions Club and there was a little band and folks handing out balloons to the kids. There was a concentration of retail goods vendors as well as a large number of food businesses. I always love to see the food entrepreneurs and their mixes and salsas and potions. There are little businesses bubbling all around this area that deserve our support. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE TO READ ABOUT THE FRISCO FARMERS MARKET.

Grand Prairie Farmers Market
120 w. Main Street
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

“Y’all make sure you come back again, now.” If I heard it once, I heard it 10 times during the 2 sweet hours the kids and I spent at the  Grand Prairie Farmers Market on Saturday. I crave that. I hear that and my heart melts. The voices…the sweet, warm, welcoming, Texan voices of the people I knew before I moved to a big city come into focus.

Who knew you could find a perfect little dose of kind and gracious Texas hospitality just up I-30? I keep telling myself that eventually one farmers market expedition will start to look like the others and eventually they will all be interchangeable. But they are not. They are a beating heart of each of these communities and neighborhoods and they reflect their citizens. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE TO READ ABOUT THE GRAND PRAIRIE FARMERS MARKET.

McKinney Farmers Market
315 S. Chestnut St.
McKinney, TX 75069
(the corner of Anthony and McDonald Streets)
Saturdays 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Starts Mid-March and open through the end of October. The McKinney market also boasts monthly winter markets on the the third Saturday of each month.  There are two distinct markets, Chestnut Square and Adriatica. I have only visited the main market at Chestnut Square.

Today we wandered north at the invitation of our friend Rachel, who recently moved there. Rachel has her own garden in her backyard that made me swoon, with little baby eggplants, and squash, several kinds of onions, beets, garlic, peppers, and all manner of herbs. I’m planning a midnight raid soon. I don’t think she’ll ever figure it out.

We drove the several blocks to Chestnut Square. Rachel described the other great draws of this sweet, gingerbread house community: it is haired over with antique shops and cafes, and people have yard sales all day everyday. What’s not to love about that? The McKinney farmers’ market is a small winding affair that twists its way through a little historic block of buildings. Vendors are scattered about here and there selling everything from home grown tomatoes to fresh pasta, and from handmade jewelry to olive oil. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING ABOUT THE McKINNEY FARMERS MARKET.

St Michael’s Farmers Market
8011 Douglas at Colgate
Dallas, TX 75225
Open every Saturday during the summer season from 8 a.m. until noon. Check the website for details.

Well, a very Happy Birthday to the St. Michael’s Farmers Market. Saturday, June 30th, 2012 marked the opening day of this brand new neighborhood farmers market, and I must say it was a wonderful and vibrant gathering. I am thrilled to have it in the neighborhood. Every market has its own vibe and place in our community. I welcome them all. But this market, in one little day, leapfrogged to the very top of my list of favorites. Of course, I have about four markets at the top of my list of favorites. Located in the new north parking lot of the St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, there is room for quite a number of vendors, and they showed up with bells on.

Bright and early on Saturday, though not early enough to get Meyer Lemon or Multi-grain bread from Village Baking Co. (you have to show up early for those favorites), my kids and my neighbor, Linda, and I ran out to see what we could see. By the time we arrived at nine a.m., the parking lot was overflowing. That is a lovely sight! CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE…

White Rock Local Market
702 North Buckner Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75218
White Rock Local Market is held twice a month – the second and fourth Saturday. The second Saturday includes all vendors, food and crafts. The fourth Saturday is for farmers, growers and artisan foods. Check the website for details of dates during the “off” season.

The White Rock Local Market is a terrifically fun way to spend a Saturday morning. And for anyone on the West side of town, you will be pleased to know it is a breeze to get to. You just zip over Northwest Highway to Buckner and drive south a bit. The market just pops up on the left in the parking lot in front of and adjoining the Green Spot Market, a “healthy convenience store” that sells healthy foods and bio-fuels.

I have yet to go to a farmers market in Dallas where I would say that one is like all the rest. They are all utterly unique, each having its own vibe and character.  And, this one was fun. I think we that don’t often frequent a particular market should make it a summer goal to stamp our passports at all of the markets in the greater D/FW area. Why was I so jazzed about the White Rock Local Market? It had all the food you would expect. But, in my humble opinion, the artists and artisans stole the show. And I’m not even sure that the artists are there every week. I’m so grateful that I randomly chose one of the weeks that has the full market. Make sure to check the calendar on the White Rock Local Market website. If you are traveling a distance to get to this market you will want to see the full range of vendors. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE TO READ THIS POST ABOUT THE WHITE ROCK LOCAL MARKET.

This list is not comprehensive. There are many local markets which I have not visited yet. Please let me know of any other area markets you think PIE needs to visit or list. This is a work in progress.

Also, please check with the specific market regarding addresses and times. I do not typically update these posts once they are published and times/dates/status/hours changes! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FARMERS MARKETS!!