My name is Kelly. I am a mom and a wife. I am also a lawyer but I find kids to be more fun than clients. And they tell better knock knock jokes. Welcome to my kitchen.

It is a scientific fact that all good people gravitate toward a kitchen. It matters not if you live in a giant opulent home with every imaginable distraction. Nor does it matter if your kitchen is 5 feet long galley kitchen with one burner and a dorm fridge. If you are like me, if your friends are like mine, the rest of your home will generally remain empty and your counter-tops will be festooned with the rears of friends, children and your children’s friends.

The coffee will steam, the wine will be poured, the kool-aid will stain small people with a rainbow of mustaches. Snacking and nibbling ensues. Scents rise. Processors whirl. Fridge doors open and close. Drawers slide. Pots and pans clank. The kitchen is the beating heart of the home. This is my music.

I am not a great cook. I am a passionate cook. I make mistakes and spill things and burn things. But I am always trying to find something wonderful to feed my people. I am always looking for that next yummy thing that will make my husband smile or my kids tell me I’m awesome. I am always learning. And I love to eat.

I am NOT a food snob. You will not see me criticizing techniques or opining that only a so and so would do such and such. Let me paraphrase a quote from a great old friend, your candle will not burn brighter if you blow out someone else’s. This is all about food and love and friends and nourishment of the physical and spiritual kind.

Come and hang out in my kitchen. There will be food. There will be chit chat. There will be laughter. I’d love to count you among my kitchen friends.

Why “PIE”? Well, to me, pie is an idea as well as a dessert. Pie means comfort. Pie means home. Pie means love…grandmas…warmth…perfect imperfection. Pie is life. Pie is a lot of things. There are a few great pies here. But this is about the idea of pie…not always a literal pie.

Photo by Pitts Yandell

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