A dinner for your family, and a trip down memory lane

slaw_plateI have been realizing for a long time that I need to go back and clean up my old recipes. For those who have been reading PIE from the beginning, God Bless You…I mean it. My writing was not good three years ago. It was borderline embarrassing, actually. Slowly, a few a day, I’m going back and fixing a few typos and putting ingredients in bold, for instance, to make them easier to read. It seemed like no big job until I looked and realized I now had over 300 posts on PIE, most of which are recipes.

I also realized that this means that some of my best (though perhaps not my most artfully written) posts are way at the bottom of the pile and you may have missed them altogether. So, here and there I will be posting some of these sorts of “remember these recipes” posts. For those who were not exposed to these the first time around, they are truly some of my favorites and I hope that you too like them. In this installment, I am putting together three of my all time favorite recipes. First up is another classic “Cynthia” recipe. Cynthia, as you may remember from my recent meatloaf post, is my mother-in-law. And, she passed away in the Fall. But this was her “feed the boys” recipe and many people out there still sing the praises of Cynthia’s brisket. This is “MOM BRISKET” writ large. It is baked in the oven or in a crock-pot until it falls apart. I’ve spent so much time with brisket purists lately I’m afraid I’ll need to DUCK when they read “put the FLAT cut brisket in the CROCK-POT” as that is just a dirty, low-down, meat sin where many are concerned. Well, this has a BBQ sauce of sorts cooked right along with the beef, but it is not, I repeat not, barbecue brisket. My friend Steave used to shudder any time I used the terms brisket and oven in the same breath. God rest his soul, too. But still, purist or not, there is a place for this in your recipe book. It is like a saucy pot roast. There isn’t a thing wrong with that. This one is called Saucy, Sweet, Sloppy, Hot, Delicious Brisket. (Click on the bold title to be redirected to the recipe.)

brisket1On the side, you should enjoy Blue Cheese Cole Slaw, which has the distinct honor of being amongst the easiest recipes on the site. In fact, the greatness to ease ratio is so high, that it might be a top ten all time favorite of mine. Plus my daughter loves it, which makes it a perennial hit with me. She looks so very young in the photo in the post that I am stunned looking at it and looking at her today.

Finally, wrap up the meal with Cracker Pie. It is made with Ritz crackers. It is so very simple and so very good. This recipe is fun because after I posted it the first time three years ago, my mom and her friends did a little bit of sleuthing to find out where it actually came from. Turns out it was originally made with Saltines and came to Wichita Falls via Missouri and that I’m friends with the daughter of the person who brought the recipe to Wichita Falls, though I didn’t know it at the time. There were about 10 degrees of recipe card separation there to figure out before we put all of those pieces together. It is a fun story and the easiest of pies.

leadFact is, I’m having a lot of fun in the real world (as my last two posts probably hinted), and my kiddos are in a “high attention” zone. And the sun is shining and I want to go outside. So going back through these old posts is good for me. I’ll have a new recipe for you soon, I promise. But I hope you don’t mind a little reminiscing here and there, too. I’m coming up on PIE’s third birthday, and doing a little soul searching about what it was, what it is, what I want to be when I grow up, and what it costs in terms of dollars and missed opportunities, to continue to do things the way I am doing them. The likely answer is that I tweak here and there and keep doing everything just the same as before. But every now and again it makes sense to take a long look at a project and assess where it has been and where it is going. Have a happy week friends!!


  1. Linda Maturey says

    Kelly-Amen to the previous comment. That’s what brought us all in…your wonderful prose and stunning photos.

  2. Judith Schmania says

    04/15/13 I read your post and I think you write just fine! I’m never bored with your website or your recipes. I like to read posts with personal expressions penned by the writer. It makes the read more interesting and personal as the writer shares their personality through words and pictures. I think cooking is a personal task that can be fun, adventurous, boring, a daily chore or a labor of love. Knowing you cooked a tasty recipe that is enjoyed by the people you cooked it for is a very satisfying feeling. So don’t focus on Anglo-Saxon proper Standard English or cooking school techniques and explanations. Just be you and continue to write in your comfort zone. Readers will do the rest. J.

  3. Kara Locke says

    I mentioned to Amy over a month ago that I somehow didn’t get your blogs on my email anymore. Maybe I used to see them through your Facebook. I’m sitting waiting for my daughter to play tennis, so I thought I’d look you up again. I’ve missed seeing your creations and photographs! I can’t believe that your latest post includes the cracker pie recipe that you and Mom discussed on here! How crazy is that! I’m so glad I revisited and was in a slump for meals. I’m doing your brisket tomorrow as I’m at tennis a lot with the girls and need to get out of the take out routine and have something ready in my crock pot. I hadn’t tried your blue cheese slaw and can’t wait to try it!!! I LOVE that you are revisiting your old recipes!!! Oh, and thank you for the restaurant ideas. We need to come back again to Dallas. The girls and I had a wonderful lunch at Hattie’s in the Bishop Arts District one day!!!

  4. Kelly says

    Kara! What an amazing coincidence that you should turn up today. I love it. And I LOVE that recipe. In fact, I love it far more now that I know the full story behind it. Yes…I think Facebook was a very convenient recipe alert system. I hope that there aren’t a whole bunch of folks wondering if I fell off the Earth…which I suppose I kind of did. Well, there is certainly an easy fix. Go up top and add your email address to the “subscribe” box on the left. It will send you a confirmation email from Feedburner and as soon as you click the email they send to you, you will never miss another post. I’m glad you checked in (and gave me an excuse to remind everybody to sign up for the email alerts!!). Thanks Kara…I hope all is well with your beautiful family!

  5. Crystal says

    Thank you for going back and sharing these recipes again. I have to work at the hospital all weekend and I thought I’d make some yummy treats for everyone to enjoy so (of course) I had to visit Pie to get some ideas! I will definitely be making the Cracker Pie! I know it will be delicious, I’ll take Lily’s word for it :)

  6. Jenny Stroup says

    Brisket was great. Thought of Cynthia as I fixed it and remembered the stories she told of feeding lots of her son’s friends many meals with this dish. Jenny

  7. Kelly says

    Jenny, I love that you made the brisket. And yes, she often told stories of all the boys she fed with that dish. I suspect it will continue to feed hordes of boys and girls into the future…I’m passing it on for just that reason. I think she would be thrilled.

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