Egg Sandwiches

egg sandwich leadKISS: Keep it simple stupid. Some days need to be simple. Sometimes I don’t even tell you about the easy go-to meals my family enjoys just because they seem too obvious. But, this is truly one of my favorites. And usually, I have all of the necessary items right in my refrigerator. In fact, this was “fancy” as I usually don’t add the bacon or potatoes.

Yes, it is the humble egg sandwich. My mother made these for us all the time when we were little and they were always loved. So, making them for my family actually seems like a special event…like when I make her French Toast. Make them however you like. Lily likes jelly on hers. But, Pitts and I go the savory route and have it with mayo and mustard. So it you have bread, eggs, mayo and mustard…you have lunch or dinner right on hand. For grown-ups, allot two eggs per sandwich and for kids, one is usually enough.

Egg Sandwich Cooking

Egg Sandwiches
Recipe type: Sandwich
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 1
This needs no recipe, so just consider this a supply list and a nudge in the right direction.
  • 2 pieces of white bread, toasted
  • 2 eggs
  • Mustard
  • Mayonnaise
  • Cheese, optional
  • Bacon, optional
  • Fried potatoes, optional
  1. Toast two pieces of bread per sandwich.
  2. Break two eggs into a hot skillet. As they cook, nudge the edges of the eggs with a spatula to keep them generally in a square shape so that they will fit nicely on the bread. Just as you get ready to turn the eggs, break the yolks and spread them out a bit. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and flip. After cooking for ten seconds, turn off the heat and allow the egg to continue to cook to your desired doneness. I like mine ever so slightly runny. Do not overcook the egg.
  3. Spread mayonnaise and mustard onto the toast and place the egg on the toast. Enjoy. (The mayo goes on the inside...not the is on the top just for photo all means, close your sandwich properly.)

Notes: I have a tiny non-stick skillet that I have been using for at least 15 years and my mother probably used it for 15 years before that. It is perfect for cooking single servings of eggs. I like to make these one at a time. While the bread is toasting I turn to the eggs. Right as the egg is finished, the toast is finished and everything is still nice and hot. This is “short order” cooking and I generally eat mine last, standing in the kitchen while I start the dishes.

Don’t waste the bacon grease! You can use a spoonful of it to cook the eggs, but you can also slice a Russet potato thinly and fry the potatoes in the drippings. Cook them until they are golden and remove them to a rack or paper towel. Sprinkle the potatoes with kosher salt and enjoy!

It is a busy week for me. Tomorrow I head to Wichita Falls to give a speech for a fundraiser for the Wichita Falls Symphony League. Last week I was even on the news in WF…did you see it? And Lana Sweeten-Shults made me look like a rock star in my hometown paper. Suffice it to say…a busy and crazy life does not preclude delicious home cooking. But sometimes you do need to turn to the simple.  And, egg sandwiches are the very definition of simple goodness. But, I must admit that it is ironic that I am preparing a talk about caviar and feeding my family egg sandwiches. This is my life.

And, this is another place where my homemade mustard comes in very handy. To tell you how much I like my homemade mustard, when I grabbed two different bottles of yellow mustard out of the fridge, which is what I typically used to use on this sandwich, they were both expired by over a year. Time to clean out the refrigerator!

If you are really in an eggy mood, you must also make this Croque Madame…it is a bit more time intensive, but well worth the effort. I do love a good sandwich!



  1. Katy Koenig says

    Yum!! I love a good egg sandwich. I love food and I love movies…there are certain movies that have food in them and I find myself thinking about the food well after seeing the movie. One of my favorite movies is “Spanglish”, starring Adam Sandler…this may be his only movie with a great acting performance in it, BTW. He plays a high-end chef in LA and the movie is about his family and the hispanic maid they hire. It is excellent. Anyway- there is one scene in the movie when he is at their beach house and makes himself a late night snack of an egg sandwich…that sandwich looked so good that I still think about it years after seeing the movie. Isn’t that crazy? Like I said, nothing like a good egg sandwich! The movie is not about food, BTW. I just happen to notice the food in the background of movies (and life!).
    Thanks, Kelly- another great post!

  2. Anne Mullen says

    These sound really good! Another reason to save the bacon grease is to use it to make gingersnaps, which are kind of labor-intensive for me – refrigerating the dough, rolling it into little ballies, rolling the ballies in sugar, all before getting to the baking – but they are delicious.

  3. Susan Burns says

    Share the Wichita Falls newspaper piece with all of us! It would also be so much fun to hear you speak at the Symphony League! You rock, girl…

  4. Kelly says

    Katy, I love that you remember this scene. I haven’t seen that movie in ages. I love that they chose an egg sandwich, above all the myriad possibilities. It is truly one of my favorites, and I can’t figure out why it took me almost 3 years to post it on PIE.

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