The Meaning of Pie: Recipe Greeting Cards

I am very happy to let you know about a project I have been working on for quite a while. These are the first four cards in my line of greeting cards. On the cover is a photograph from some of my favorite farmers markets in my area, coupled with a recipe for using that produce on the back of the card. The cards are blank on the inside so you can use them for any occasion you like. If you ever find me at a farmers market on a Saturday morning, I usually have a camera and a couple of kids in tow. I bring the kids to show them that food doesn’t actually come from the grocery store. They love visiting with vendors and help me figure out we should make for dinner…or dessert. And, this is why I take the camera.

These are some of the photographs that I’ve taken over the last few years. I am proud of them and I love the cards. They are printed on heavy stock with a nice satin coating and come with a white envelope. They are suitable for framing. You can just snip off the recipe side of the card and use the photo card in any way you choose. Regardless, the recipient of the card will feel like they have just opened an envelope full of healthy foods and great ideas. Think hostess gift, birthday gift, or use them yourself to send a little bit of sunshine to your friends. I spend so much time on the computer that it makes me truly appreciate a handwritten note.

Some of the recipes you may have seen on PIE before, but my favorite is the Blueberry Buckle recipe which is unpublished. It is wonderful. I had help from several friends with testing the recipe and I promise that if you love blueberries, you will absolutely love the cake. But this recipe is only on the cards, so if you want it…visit my ETSY SHOP!

If you own a store and would like to discuss wholesale orders, please send me an email at Also, if you want to buy singles or multiples of one of the designs, please email me and we can work something out. If you want to pay by check, email me and I will send you the address. And, of course, if you want to order multiple boxes, email me and I will figure out the shipping for a combined orders. Happy to do it.

Well, there you have it! For the first time in my life I have created a physical product and put it into the market-place. This is a small project but there is an incredible satisfaction to be had in being a part of commerce. These cards were developed, photographed, and designed in the U.S.. My wonderful graphic designer, Jane Brooks, did a terrific job on the graphics for the recipe. And, my dear friend Ashley Key of R and R Images in Phoenix took great care with the printing. I like thinking about how many people are impacted when you make a choice to buy something as simple as a card. I always say that many hands go into making a great pie. Farmers (wheat), and orchard workers (apples), dairy families (butter), a ceramicist (pie plate), and the woman who bags my groceries all benefit from the creation of a pie and they are all integral to my ability to bake the pie at all. Likewise, one little card helps employ a graphic designer, helps a printing business, an envelope maker, and the postal workers who will take my cards to you, and then turn around to deliver them to your friends once you have written inside them. It is kind of exciting to think of all the wheels that turn when we buy something, even something small.

I hope you like them. For more photos of the cards, as well as photos of 2 new cards that have been added to the line, please visit the PIE SHOP.




  1. Marie says

    Beautiful cards!! I just ordered a package and can’t wait to see them. Your blog is so interesting to read plus the recipes that we enjoy. I also bought some treenware from Mary Lou and went to meet her when she was in the area of Roundtop and purchased some of her wares. Thanks for all that you do.

  2. Angela says

    I loved my first set of your cards so much that I just ordered a set for my mom. Beautiful work!

  3. Kelly says

    Marie, thank you! I’m taking your set to the post office this morning. And, thanks for your sweet words about PIE. Nice talk like that makes my world go ’round. I’m completely thrilled that you visited with Nancy Lou. She is one of a kind, truly.

  4. Karen Mertens says

    Kelly – Since I am already Christmas shopping I am trying to order more than one set of cards and I can’t figure out how to do it. Maybe you can help me with this.

  5. Paige McDaniel says

    What a great idea — I can’t wait to get a set, but I know that I won’t want to mail them! Congrats, Kelly!

  6. Ashley Key says

    I love the page…and they look stunning! You are quite the photographer…as well as a great cook!!! Best wishes with your new launch!


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