Blue Cheese and Honey…you will not believe how good this is

I have little to say about this other than I have have the ladies at Go To Girls to thank for this stunning idea. Here’s the recipe: get a nice wedge of blue cheese, pour some honey over it, sprinkle it with chopped pecans or chopped walnuts and devour it. Use crackers or baguettes. It really doesn’t matter one bit because they are just vehicles to get more of this wonderful concoction into your mouth. If you have never put honey with blue cheese, I hope you are as pleasantly surprised as I was. It is wonderful.

Of course, I used my zip code honey from the Honeybee Guild. You can find them at many of Dallas’ local farmer’s markets. Brandon and Susan Pollard keep happy bees that give them some of the best honey I have ever had. The Dallas Morning News just did a great article on their bee keeping passion. Brandon is the guy in the bee suit in the cute photo of the kids from the White Rock Local Market post. Wherever you live, you would be doing yourself a favor by checking into the local honey producers. Local honey is good for you and the varying flavors make the search for a favorite an excellent hobby.

The women of Go To Girls write a really fun blog that covers all the lifestyle bases…fashion, food, fun, family…a little bit of everything. Check them out when you have a chance. Thanks Girls!


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22 comments to Blue Cheese and Honey…you will not believe how good this is

  • Mike

    Rogue Creamery Blue is the my favor blue cheese!

  • wendy

    Love blue cheese with honey! But if you really want to go and have the best blue cheese and honey, Then you must try this! Go and buy Rogue River Blue, at Rogue creamery. Then buy pure honeycomb, together HEAVEN!!!!!!!! This is the only time of year that you can buy this cheese. It is very expensive $35.00 for 10 oz. You wont regret!! Enjoy!

  • Sheila

    Kelly this post is aseowme. It's so funny because I basically have all the same questions. I JUST got a tripod yesterday. My boyfriend found it on amazon for me really cheap and surprised me with it. Im saving for 50mm next. We also just got a flash defuser. I dont even know if it will help but I also have to carry my food out to the patio in our apartment to get good light. Last week I had to take my cupcakes outside by a picnic bench by this pond in our complex. Let me tell you … people thought I was really weird at 6am. with cupcakes and a camera. Thanks for posting this — it was helpful for me too. I'm going to get that book!

  • Kelly

    You are not the only one…and you are not crazy. I love it, too. Or, perhaps we are both crazy. Either way, more please!

  • David

    Hey, I thought I was the only crazy person believe Blue Cheese + Honey is a delicacy. I’m so glad to find this article. I’m a big fan of sweet and savory.

  • It is really remarkable to read such great content on your site. Having looked around at other web pages, my expectations aren’t particularly high these days but your blog really is something else. I know I’ll always find something a little bit better, a little bit more interesting on here. Thanks for keeping us all so entertained!

  • Oh my goodness, when I spotted this on foodgawker I swear my heart skipped a beat; it sounds so unbelievably decadent but I can imagine it would be difficult to pry yourself away! Your photos are absolutely wonderful as well.

  • I love this. Honey goes well with other cheeses, too.

  • Susan Burns

    The best blue cheese I know is from Tazmania – they carry it at Whole Foods, at least in California and Washington. It’s better than Maytag ( Iowa) or Pt.Reyes Blue ( No.Calif.) HOnestly.
    The exact name escapes me, but if you ask for Tazmanian Blue at Whole Foods, they’ll know it ( if they carry it).

  • Kelly

    Thank you Greg. I love your site. And I read your 100 things a moment ago and almost cried. Very neat blog. Very good writing. Very fun. Thanks for visiting Pie.

    Friends, this is Greg…

  • Kelly

    Thank you Louise, me too…I could eat pounds of it like this. It is slightly dangerous.

    Friends, meet Louise and click on her name because she has a lovely blog that at the moment has a post on brining pork which I found interesting, and photos so lovely that I almost licked my computer screen. I’m not kidding.

  • Found you on tastespotting… i was drawn in with the blue cheese like a fish to a worm. lovely- simple and delicious ~ Chef Louise

  • sippitysup

    This is my idea of the “new American Cheese course”. GREG

  • Kelly

    Linda, you are putting me in a spot. Now I have to admit that my fancy pants cheese actually came from CostCo. I bought a big half wheel of something or other out there and it is really quite tasty. But for regular grocery store fare you might try Point Reyes. Tom Thumb usually has that. Or, better yet, go to the new Whole Foods at Park and Central and ask the cheese people what they recommend. They are really great over there. Yesterday I bought a wedge of Bourough Market Stilton that would probably be great with this…although I bought it to try with figs…another taste adventure. Maybe you can come be my guinea pig.

  • Kelly

    Isn’t is a wonderful idea? I’m a little peeved that I didn’t think of it myself. Thank goodness for the Go To Girls or I might not have ever figured it out. It is just a natural combination. And, sooo easy. I’m thrilled that you like the hummus. I need to whip up a new batch myself. Have fun tonight.

  • Phyllis Carlisle

    I loved reading this idea. I am having girlfriends in tonite & this is one of my cheese offerings. My husband brought this recipe home– he loves it. I too use local honey & most often walnuts. FYI, I am also using your hummus recipe tonite. Just finished making it. Thanks for all your great ideas.

  • What brand of cheese did you use?!!!

  • Makes me think of Gorgonzola and sweet applies on pizza in Italy!

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